Paintless Dent Removal

Expert Paintless Dent Repair in Kansas City, MO

Reed Buick GMC offers paintless dent repair service at our facility in Kansas City, MO. Our technicians have helped countless customers get dents and dings out for good. Not all damage to a vehicle will qualify for this type of repair work, but many times minor cosmetic damage to a car or truck can be fixed quickly and easily by our expert staff.

Paintless dent repair is as much an art as it is a science, as the repairperson must determine how to work the metal in each specific situation to eliminate the underlying issue. The "paintless" in the description simply means that it is a repair that can be made without adding the additional expense of touching up the paint job. This lowers the cost while still providing a solution to get rid of the ding or dent in the vehicle.

How paintless dent removal works

At Reed Buick GMC we have invested in the equipment and staff needed to handle paintless dent repairs because we want to offer our customers excellent services at a reasonable cost whenever possible. With this combination of specific tools and a trained crew, we are able to fix many dents and dings by working the metal from the inside out. The process may require time to remove panels covering the dent from the backside, but often it is an easier, more direct fix. These factors depend on things such as the extent of the damage, the make and model of the vehicle, and the location of the dent itself.

Handling a dent repair this way allows us to smooth out the dented material without creating any new damage to the paint or the exterior of the vehicle. The technique itself requires a considerable amount of skill, as things such as the angle of the metal and the original shape of the panel must be taken into account during the procedure. With this technique, no filler or bonding material is required! All of the work is done by carefully working the material back into its original shape.

Find out more about paintless dent removal

The skilled team at Reed Buick GMC will evaluate your car or truck to see whether we can fix it from the inside, or if the paint is damaged and needs to be touched up as well. We can often address issues created by minor dings, hail damage, and even some larger dents and lines on the vehicle with our paintless dent removal process.

Simply contact our service center to schedule an estimate, or call to find out more information about what is involved in this specific type of dent repair. Each car or truck is different, and there are many types of damage that can occur. We will need to examine your vehicle at our facility in order to determine if paintless dent removal is possible in your unique situation. Contact us today for an appointment.

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