How to Safely Transport Holiday Dishes

One of the most important things that make you long for the holiday season is sharing delicacies with your loved ones. Failing to properly package your food properly as you head home may ruin your homemade goodies. Our staff members at Reed Buick GMC have prepared essential tips for safe transit of your dishes.

  • Make sure you seal your containers and check for any spillage before packing them in the car. You can as well use foil pans and plastic containers.
  • Consider strategic car placement. Be strategic when putting dishes in the car. The most ideal place is at the…
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Helpful Tips to Make You a More Well-Mannered Driver

Driving on the roads now a days it may seem that being a courteous driver is a thing of the past. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and distracted driving just makes things worse. But, in order for everyone to stay safe there are some things every driver should do. They include:

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Maintaining Your Buick Through the Fall

Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping you and your vehicle safe year-round. While there are many different points on your vehicle that need to be inspected, there may not be any more important than your brakes. Going in to winter where snow and ice are possible, having quality and functioning brakes can keep you safe on poor road conditions.

Indicators That You Need New Brakes

  • Hearing your brakes grinding or squealing while you're braking
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side while braking
  • Your steering wheel shutters as you are braking
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GMC Acadia: Who Do You Love?

Families love it for its generous passenger room. Businesses love it for its stately exterior stance. Adventurers love it for its go-anywhere performance capability. Why will you love your new GMC Acadia? You need to get down to Reed Buick GMC to find out!

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